Celebrate Father’s Day with Love and Appreciation – Exclusive Offer Inside!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to honour the incredible dads in our lives. As we reflect on the importance of paternal love, it’s crucial to remember that not everyone is fortunate enough to experience the joy of a loving father figure. Heartbreaking stories like those of David UrquhartRead more ⟶

Summer holiday with Dad

Under the scorching sun of a sweltering Saturday in July 1889, David Anderson, a 74-year-old retired weaver, found himself amidst the throngs of passengers cramming into the train departing from Perth to Broughty Ferry. Every July, during Perth’s midsummer break, those fortunate enough would flee the town in pursuit of a summer getaway. The allureRead more ⟶

Man scalded to death

This awful incident took place on Walton Street, at the Larchfield Jute Works, the building is now demolished and has been replaced with new housing. Dundee Courier, Monday 18th May 1896 SHOCKING AFFAIR IN DUNDEE. man scalded to death. MYSTERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES. Yesterday morning a shocking discovery was made at Walton Street Jute Works. Dundee (MessrsRead more ⟶

Nymphs Fighting Over the Spoil

This short tale from the Dundee Courier is about a typical Dundee criminal incident- involving drink, and theiving. In fact, the victim was so drunk he didn’t even realise he’d been robbed at first! Dundee Courier, Sat 5th October 1878 Nymphs Fighting Over the Spoil. Jane Brown and Catherine Chalmers or Morrison were placed atRead more ⟶


Jute is a coarse fibre from India used to make products like sacking, burlap, twine, and canvas. In the 1830s, it was discovered that treating jute with whale oil, a by-product of Dundee’s whaling industry, made it suitable for spinning. This led to the growth of a significant jute industry in Dundee, providing jobs forRead more ⟶