is the truth out there - tales and stories from dundee's dark history

Is the truth out there?

Ghost stories and tales of spooks, hauntings, devils and witches have been around for millennia, with variations of the same theme caught up in folklore all across the world. Throughout history, we have told stories not only to define our behaviour, but also our cultural identity. When it comes to ghost stories, however, the recurrent themes we find tend to be cautionary and serve as a warning of consequence.

From Ouija boards and Bigfoot, to the White Lady, we’ve certainly filled our boots recently with the paranormal – and whilst most of it has been fascinating reading and has kept us gripped, none of it has really cut the mustard as far as outright convincing us that these legends have any real base in reality. Is the truth out there? We’ve yet to encounter anyone who has had an alien experience in the city, so, if that’s you, feel free to get in contact with us, as we’d love to hear your story. As much as it would thrill us to find out that Bigfoot is indeed stalking the countryside, or that Springheeled Jack was, in fact, real, the likelihood of this happening is quite slim, but we’re not going to let that stop us from reading, investigating and writing about it! If you have anything you want to tell us about anything creepy, weird or downright scary, you know what to do.

There’s a tale about a ghost that allegedly haunts an old Dundee convent, so we are planning on doing an overnight stay to see if we can hear or see any of the phenomena that we have had reported to us by people who have stayed and worked in the building. From what we gather, there may be two spirits haunting the building, and one of them is quite the noisemaker! Let’s hope they’re feeling frisky when we make our appearance or it’ll turn out to be a pretty dull night. Who knows, maybe we’ll be believers yet…

Anyway, we’re starving, so it’s time to slap some sausages on a roll and get a cup of tea. Happy reading…but watch your back…you never know who may be watching you!!

– DD Tours operates walking tours in Dundee city, covering dark local history such as wars, battles, murders, diseases, riots, disasters and executions. Walk with us for an unforgettable storytelling experience.


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