The Beefcan Close

How many of you know the words to “The Beefcan Close”?  You dinnae ken the Beefcan Close?  Surely not?  Well, here you go.

This old song from Dundee, ‘The Beefcan Close’ is here brilliantly sung by a completely authentic Dundee voice, that of Annie Watkins on this occasion discretely accompanied by the Foundry Bar Band. I hope you will all benefit from the experience & excellent advice of the author of ‘The Beefcan close’ and remember if you go out on the spree to always first ‘tie yer money tae the tail o’ yer sark’

– DD Tours operates walking tours in Dundee city, covering dark local history such as wars, battles, murders, diseases, riots, disasters and executions. Walk with us for an unforgettable storytelling experience.


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