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Welcome to DD Tours: Unveiling Dundee’s Dark History

Experience Dundee’s intriguing past with DD Tours, your premier destination for immersive and captivating storytelling walking tours. With seven years of expertise in the tourism industry, we cater to both locals and visitors seeking thrilling tales and hidden narratives in the vibrant city of Dundee.

Explore the streets and the past on our immersive Dundee walking tours, where you’ll be guided by our dynamic duo of passionate storytellers. Uniquely delivered in a quirky, entertaining, and visceral style, our walking tours promise an educational yet engaging experience, unlike any other.

Delve deeper into Dundee’s history with our collection of books and audio resources. Discover the secrets that lie beneath the city’s surface, transporting yourself to another era as you uncover untold stories. For a more personalized touch, our private group tours can be customized to match your interests and schedule.

DD Tours blends entertainment and education seamlessly, providing an unforgettable journey into Dundee’s past. Our mission is to deliver local history in an engaging and unique way, leaving you craving more knowledge and stories.

Our reputation precedes us, with numerous delighted customers sharing their remarkable walking tour experiences with us. One visitor enthused, “This was THE most interesting tour we’ve done in any city.” Another excitedly declared, “Loved it and can’t wait for the next one!”

We have proudly collaborated with esteemed institutions such as Discovery Point, Verdant Works, HMS Unicorn, Dundee Science Centre, and local universities and councils. These partnerships have enhanced our offerings and allowed us to grow in this industry.

Engaging with DD Tours is effortless. Visit our user-friendly website to explore our walking tour options, book your spot, and stay up to date with the latest news and events. Join our vibrant community on Facebook and Instagram, where you can connect with fellow history enthusiasts and catch some of the intriguing stories we share.

Embark on an adventure through Dundee’s dark past with DD Tours. Step into the unknown, embrace the peculiar, and let our expert guides unveil the captivating side of this remarkable city on a Dundee walking tour.