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Dark Dundee – Brutal Broughty

Tales of murder, shipwrecks and swinging fists paint a very different picture of the idyllic Broughty Ferry we know and love today.

Dark Dundee – Dead Centre

Disease, execution and illegal activities make up the body of this 1 hour tour, which starts at the iconic Overgate penguin statues and ends in the ancient Howff cemetery.

Dark Dundee – The Vaults

Visit a small part of underground Dundee from the 1600’s as we tell tales of the area from bygone eras. Dark subject matter told in an informative and humorous way by two local guides.

Discover Dundee – The Old Steeple

Dundee’s oldest surviving building; standing since the 1490s, visit each floor of The Old Steeple (St Mary’s Tower) to see what curiosities lie within her walls.