Local history told by local guides in a quirky, offbeat style. Packed with facts as well as a few laughs along the way, there's something for everyone.

Packed with more stories, facts and stats from Dundee's dark past.

£12 (plus £1.50 delivery, UK only.)

Packed with stories, facts and stats from Dundee's dark past.

£12 (plus £1.50 delivery, UK only.)

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Oary Stories & Dark Dundee Tales

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Dark Dundee Archive

Over 100 stories from Dundee’s dark and murky history.

If you want to read about wars, battles, crime, myths and legends or some of Dundee’s most notorious residents, head on over to the Archive.

Posts from the archive

During the 15th century, a family of cannibals are alleged to have lived on the outskirts of Dundee...
Few Dundonians are as well remembered for their contributions to battle than Admiral Adam Duncan...
What to do with a dead elephant? Dundee is currently known as a place of scientific research...
The song ‘Bonnie Susie Cleland’ is an interesting one. Adapted from The Child Ballads “Lady Maisry"...

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