The Mystery of the Touring Ghost

From Blairgowrie to Arbroath, a spine-tingling tale once captivated the locals and stirred up a flurry of excitement. It all began when a mischievous ghost embarked on a mysterious tour, leaving a trail of bizarre antics in its wake. The extraordinary occurrences caught the attention of the community, prompting eager residents to share their eerieRead more ⟶

Broughty Ferry memorial mystery.

There’s a fairly curious tale concerning a certain metal plaque erected on a wall in Victoria Road in Broughty Ferry; a tale filled with sadness which alludes to the altering of the course of history itself.  How could such a wee place like Broughty Ferry lay claim to a tale of such magnitude, we hearRead more ⟶

Witchcraft in Dundee – An Interview

As we mentioned in our ‘Black Magic & The Occult’ section, rumours have been rife for decades about witchcraft and black magic rituals being undertaken in various locations around the city such as ruined castles, parklands and gloomy, wooded areas.  If we look at the rumours on a national scale, the stories of witchcraft, devilmentRead more ⟶


In the latter part of 1882 and into the first few months of 1883, Dundee had a somewhat alarming visitor “…described as being rather tall, and is generally seen dressed in a long dark cloak, although occasionally he sometimes assumes a luminous appearance, supposed to be due to the inside of the cloak being linedRead more ⟶