In 2011 The Ghost Club performed a paranormal investigation on the RSS Discovery. What did they find? Were the visited by any of the souls who lost their lives on Dundee’s most infamous ship, or even by Captain Scott himself? There have long been stories of hauntings aboard the RSS Discovery, and the Ghost Club’s evening of vigils and investigations was no exception. Read the full report at the link below, or visit their website for more of their haunted location investigations.

RRS Discovery Investigation 13th August, 2011 – PDF

Well today is Halloween! The day when we celebrate everything spooky. One of our favourite Halloween activities used to be watching the live investigations on Most Haunted, joining in watching out for ‘orbs’ on the web cams. Does anyone remember the time the Most Haunted crew came to Dundee to investage the Unicorn and the RRS Discovery?

Happy halloween everyone!

The same group of explorers as yesterday’s video also performed an investigation in the Kloset pub in Dundee. Check out their experiences below – what do you think, were there any spirits present?

Today’s Halloween Hauntings Video is another group of intrepid explorers investigating paranomal phenomena in the abandoned Strathmartine Hospital, which for many years was a children’s asylum.

Today we’ve got an extra creepy video for you, a group of urban explorers in the old abanoned building at Stracathro Hospital. Would you have went exploring in there, armed with nothing but a torch?

This is the first of our ‘Halloween hauntings’ videos, where we’re taking a look at some of the videos on YouTube of haunted locations in Dundee. This video shows the inside of the house at Roseangle where Dr and Mrs Woods were murdered.