Alexander Hutchison

The electrifying air in Perth Circuit Court crackled with anticipation as Alexander Hutchison stood in the dock, the accused murderer of his wife, Christina. It was a high-stakes trial that gripped the entire city. The first witness, their neighbour James McKenzie, took the stand, revealing a chilling tale. He recounted how his young sons hadRead more ⟶

Our Dundee Summer Walking Tours

Are you ready to explore the darker side of Dundee’s history while strolling through the vibrant streets of the West End? Join us for an unforgettable journey as we delve into the intriguing stories and hidden secrets of this captivating city. Our Dundee Summer Walking Tours offer a storytelling experience, showcasing the darker aspects ofRead more ⟶

The Murder of Margaret Cairns

The murder of Margaret Cairns is a story we told on our Halloween Takeover of Verdant Works, back in 2016. This tragedy happened in Playfair’s Entry, an old street off Hawkhill in the west end of Dundee which is long gone. It seemed everyone had a different version of events, and in the end, thereRead more ⟶

The Murder of Mary Conn – Pt 2

This is the continuation of the Murder Trial of John Jenkins for the murder of Mary Conn in West Port, in Dundee’s West End. Read the first part here. Dundee Courier, Friday 13th January 1893 MURDER TRIAL IN DUNDEE. THE WEST PORT TRAGEDY. TWELVE YEARS’ PENAL SERVITUDE. The trial of John Jenkins, labourer, on aRead more ⟶

The Murder of Mary Conn – Pt 1

These extracts from the Dundee Courier tell the tale of a horrid murder in West Port, in Dundee’s West End, in 1892. Dundee Courier, Monday 14th November 1892 HORRIBLE MURDER IN DUNDEE. A WOMAN KILLED. HER ASSAILANT IN CUSTODY. SCENE OF THE ATROCITY. INTERVIEWS WITH NEIGHBOURS. PRISONER’S ANTECEDENTS. For a considerable time, Dundee has beenRead more ⟶

Nymphs Fighting Over the Spoil

This short tale from the Dundee Courier is about a typical Dundee criminal incident- involving drink, and theiving. In fact, the victim was so drunk he didn’t even realise he’d been robbed at first! Dundee Courier, Sat 5th October 1878 Nymphs Fighting Over the Spoil. Jane Brown and Catherine Chalmers or Morrison were placed atRead more ⟶