Special events

Dark Dundee

Dark Dundee - Curious Curers

2nd - 5th August - The history of Dundee's doctors and medicine, plus modern Medical Marvels at Dundee Science Centre!
Dark Dundee

Dark Dundee - Fatal Ferry

From 21st - 30th July 2018 we'll be back in the Ferry, exploring some of the most iconic locations.

Newest tours

Discover Dundee

Discover Dundee - Waterfront Welcome / Orientation

Private group tours of the waterfront, ideal for new visitors to the city or those who want to know more
Discover Dundee

Discover Dundee - City Centre Welcome / Orientation

for private group bookings, explore the city centre - ideal for new visitors to the city to get their bearings
Coming soon

Discover Dundee - The Old Steeple

Coming very soon, tours of the oldest surviving building in Dundee - The Old Steeple.