A Dundee Ghost?

Dundee certainly loves a ghost story, and, on November 14th, 1898, The Dundee Courier wrote an article concerning “Sensational Adventures in the West End”, featuring…you guessed it…another ghostly apparition.  This time, however, it seems the ghost was a bit of a scaredy cat:

“During the past few days a “ghost” has been monopolising attention at the west end of Dundee.  He is attired in the conventional attire of ghosts; he masquerades in the aristocratic regions of the West End enveloped in a white sheet.  So far as know, only one party has had the courage to face the supernatural being, and in this occasion his ghostship acted the cowardly role, for, instead of facing his assailant boldly, he turned tail.  On Thursday evening the apparition confronted a gardener, and the latter was quite dismayed by the unusual spectacle.  He therefore rushed to his master and told him the story.  Although the gardener was unwilling to have a second interview with the visitor, his employer induced him to accompany him to the scene of action, and there the ghost was again found in all his mocking majesty.  This time, however, he had a bolder customer to deal with, for the property owner, bent on discovering whether or not he was composed of flesh and blood, made a charge at him.  The ghost thereupon turned and fled, and only considered himself safe when he succeeded in vaulting over the garden wall and hiding himself in the garden of the adjoining owner.  It is now reported that the visitant is bestowing his attentions with the greatest impartiality between Binrock and Farringdon Hall grounds.”

What a hoot!  The funniest ghost ever – enveloped in a white sheet and lowping the wall in the backies to hide from the property owner.  We had a right laugh when we found this snippet in the old newspapers.  Not only is the story hilarious, the way in which it is written also harks to an era slowly forgotten.  I mean, “…his ghostship”?  “…mocking majesty”?  The writing is superb, and, whilst the content may be sub-standard, the level of elocution far surpasses most of the tosh written today – sorry journalists, I don’t mean (all of) you…

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