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Welcome to our new DD Tours website! Lots has changed and we hope you enjoy the shiny new website, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to see and view all of our tours but everything you loved from the Dark Dundee website is still here! You can just view the Dark Dundee walking tours and the Dark Dundee archive full of over 120 stories from the dark side of Dundee’s history is still here, but we also have our new series of tours Discover Dundee which will cover the ‘light’ side of Dundee’s history, heritage and culture including all its successes and achievements. We have two new welcome/orientation tours from Discover Dundee both in the City Centre and the Waterfront which are ideal for new visitors to the city. At the moment these are private tours bookable by groups, but soon we’ll be launching a new regular tour Dead Famous exploring some of the people interred in the ancient Howff graveyard and their impact on Dundee’s past.

But we have even MORE exciting news to share!

Soon we’ll be running tours of the Old Steeple, or St Mary’s Tower and we cannot thank Leisure & Culture Dundee enough for this amazing opportunity to share the tales of the oldest building in Dundee. So many people have wanted to climb to the top of this ancient tower and see what lies inside, there might be 223 steps to the top – but the views are so worth it!

So many of you have been asking – when will The Vaults tours run? We have to thank the tireless efforts of both Dundee City Council and The Shore who have worked hard for months to make this a space suitable for regular tours. And thanks to the hard work of so many people they are nearly ready, and they look absolutely fantastic.

While we would love to say we’ll be releasing tickets very soon, we have a very long waiting list of people who will be getting advance notice and first chance to purchase tickets so we’re sorry but it might take a while to work our way through this list before tickets will be on general sale (if you want to be added to the waiting list, sign up in the footer below). So we’re sorry, so very sorry if you’re not on this list and we’ve teased you now but you’ll have to wait just a little longer.

So that’s all that’s new with the tours, there have been a lot of changes to the website and booking systems so if you have any questions or problems booking or navigating the site just get in touch with us. We’d also really appreciate any feedback on the changes to the website and the tours so let us know what you think in the comments below, or on social media.

Louise & Stewart

DD Tours


  1. Hi, I’ve read with excitement your info of the Howff, as I need to know where my ancestors were buried. You gave an email for archives, I’ve lost what page it was on. Can you help?
    Keep up the good work. Carrie xx

  2. Did the Murders in the West End walk recently and I thoroughly enjoyed the very informative commentary 😀

    1. Hi Brian, I’ve added you to our mailing list so you should get an email asking you to confirm this soon, thanks!

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