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Oary Stories 4 – Drunken Sailors

Oary Stories are tales from Dundee’s past, interpreted by Louise and Stewart based on real events and reports. Don’t worry if you’re not full Dundonian, they’re not entirely oary so you’ll get the gist 🙂

Download this mp3 and listen to Louise and Stewart tell you the story of this encounter between some drunken sailors and the Dundee police. (running time approx. 11 min)

Sails, Tales & Whales

Throughout July and August, join local storytellers Louise & Stewart as we tell you tales of the sailors and scallywags of this once-bustling port. Dundee’s Waterfront area used to be harbours and shipyards that were flooded with sailors seeking to set sail and make their fortunes – and even more seeking to make trouble. From fights between sailors and locals to spies and subterfuge, the docks of Dundee could be a very dangerous place to be…

Tour starts outside Discovery Point and runs on Thursdays @ 5.30pm, Fridays @ 5.30pm & 7pm and Saturdays @ 2pm & 3.30pm from Thursday 7th July until Saturday 27th August. Private group tours are available on request – contact us for more information. See below for more details.